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Strategies to Motivate Your Employees #1-10

publication date: Jan 17, 2014
author/source: Carol Roth Blog - submitted by Bill Todd
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More than 80 Strategies to Motivate Your Employees

Employees can make or break your business. So, how do you keep them motivated to do their very best? I reached out to my network of valued experts and entrepreneurs and I am excited to present more than 80 ways to motivate your employees (in no particular order), ranging from money to empowerment to cupcakes!

You may notice some similar themes, but I kept the insights separate as something in the way it is framed may resonate differently with you.

1. Cash is King!

Nothing motivates more than the all mighty dollar.Thanks to: Jason Frank.

2. Score Your Goals with Theirs

You need to always be matching their goals with the company goals. Once they diverge, the employee will either leave or not work as hard toward the company goals. Always ensure through excellent communication that you are meeting the employee goals WITH the company goals!Thanks to: Barry Moltz of Shafran Moltz Group.

3. Make 'Em Work Smarter

Employees are motivated more when they are achieving goals. What better way to meet more goals than by increasing your productivity by working smarter? That's how you get people going. Show them they are making a real difference.Thanks to: Danny Wong of Custom Men's Dress Shirts | BL.

4. Positive Reinforcement

The way I motivate employees is by telling them they are doing a great job and by giving individual employees a surprise bonus when an employee goes above and beyond to do a great job. I also individually and as a group tell them that I feel very lucky to be working with them and they are an amazing group of people and a great team. One of the easiest ways to motivate employees is also the least expensive. Simply praise them for doing great work. Thanks to: Peter Geisheker of The Geisheker Group Marketing Firm.

5. Lend them our glasses!

In our business, team spirit is critical, because every member of our team plays a starring role in our growth. Allowing our team members to see our vision of our company, from the owners' perspectives, has been invaluable in motivating everyone. As our staff understands our hopes, dreams, and struggles, they embrace their own importance in achieving our overall vision. Sharing our vision with those who work hardest to help us achieve it is key! Thanks to: Elura Nanos of Lawyer Up (the new "Morange").

6. Set the Example

To motivate the folks who work for me, I make certain to set the best example. I set high standards for my own work and keep my motivation level very high. Also, I try to emphasize whenever possible that we are all part of the Mommy MD Guides team. Who doesn't like to be part of something great?Thanks to: Jennifer Reich of The Mommy MD Guides.

7. Frequent Communications

The key to motivating employees (for the long term) is to regularly communicate with them, and let them know how the business is progressing. The way to do this is through a daily huddle - a 10 minute, standing meeting where there is a rapid share of the company's successes and challenges from the prior day. Quick recognition for significant employee accomplishments or celebrations (like birthdays and anniversaries) - we are all human after all, and like to be appreciated. Thanks to: Mike Michalowicz of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur.

8. Appreciation Beats out Money

In the current work environment most employees get equal pay even if the work is not equal in quality.

More money may make me happy for a moment but appreciation sticks to me for a long time.

Years ago my boss gave me back a report with a sticky note on it that simply said "Good job, Mary". I still have it and when I get discouraged and stressed on the job, I take it out to remind me that I am appreciated.

Now when someone does a good job for me I not only tell them, I put it in writing.Thanks to: Mary Francis of The Sisterhood of Widows.

9. Cut Them in on the Deal

People are motivated by a lot of factors, but self-interest is among the most powerful. Thus, cut them in on the deal-- share the rewards of the company's success. This can take many forms-- profit sharing, equity, and clear and transparent milestone-driven bonuses. Making employees feel like an owner vs. a cog in the wheel is what drives people to go the extra mile. Thanks to: Nathan Beckord of VentureArchetypes LLC.

10. Treat People with Respect

I don't think that you can motivate people. You can however, create the conditions in which self motivated people will thrive and deliver excellent work.

This isn't difficult. Treat people with respect and dignity. Tell them what you need them to do, then get out of their way and let them do it. They will justify your faith in them with their ingenuity, hard work and results.
Thanks to: Bud Bilanich of The Common Sense Guy.
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