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Warn up activities, Ice Breakers and training games #31-35 of 40

publication date: Mar 24, 2014
author/source: Training Resources, Inc
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Ice Breakers and other Warm-ups         #31-35 of 40


31.      Puzzles Game

·        Give participants a blank piece of puzzle (cut up a sheet of index card stock).

·        Each person writes on the piece one skill that they contribute to the group.

·        The puzzle is then assembled to show that everyone contributes to the whole.

 32.      Human Knot Game

·        Divide into groups of 6-10 people. Each group forms a tight circle., standing and facing each other.

·        Everyone extends their hands into the circle, and by intermingling their arms, grasps hands with other members of the group.

·         Instruct people to be sure that the two hands you are holding does not belong to the same person”.

·        The groups’ goal: untie the knot that results. Member of the group physically climb over/ under/ through each other’s arms to untie the knot of bodies.

·        Note: It is RARE but it is possible for a knot to be unsolvable or end in two separate circles.

 33.      Find Someone Game

·        Each person writes on a blank index card one to three statements, such as favorite color, interest, hobby, or vacations. Pass out cards so everyone gets someone else's card. Have that person find the person with their card and introduce themselves.

 34.      Get in the News Game

·        Divide your group into teams of four or five persons each, and make sure each team has the necessary supplies--scissors, tape, pins, and plenty of old newspaper.

·      You will also need a separate room or corner in which each team can work with privacy (and hilarity).

·       Each group selects one person to be the model. After deciding what kind of costume to make, the team goes to work--cutting, crumpling, bunching, rolling, piecing, pinning, and taping. After an appropriate amount of time, call everybody together for a costume show. (And do not forget to recycle your newspaper when you are finished!)

 35.      Kangaroo Court Game

·        Try this if there is an incident that irritates members of your group. Announce that a kangaroo court will be held to properly try and prosecute all guilty parties.

·       After you make the announcement, everyone will begin to view the incident in question with a contagious sense of humor.

·        Name the defendants. Select a lawyer for the defense, as well as a prosecuting attorney.

·        Write up formal charges and submit them to the judge.

·        Appoint a bailiff and court recorder. Screen and swear in your jurors.

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