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Training games, Ice Breakers and other Warm-ups #36-40 of 40 AND a Bonus

publication date: Apr 1, 2014
author/source: Training Resources, Inc
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 Ice Breakers and other Warm-ups               #36-40  of 40


36.      Make a Date Game
·        Give each participant a paper plate. Have them draw the face of a clock on their plate with a line next to each number (no digitals!).

·        Then have participants walk around a find a "date" for each hour, writing their name by the hour.

·        The catch is, no one can make a "date" with more than one person per hour. After everyone has made their dates, speed up time and allow 1-3 minutes for each hour.

·        The facilitator then asks a question for discussion on each date. The pairs will have a chance to get to know one another.

37.      People Knots Game

·    Everyone sits on the floor in a circle with legs extended toward the middle. Each person grabs two others' hands and holds them.

·   The hands cannot be those of either person sitting on your sides and also cannot be the two hands of the same person.

·     Now, everyone stands up and untangles each other into a single circle, without letting go of the hands you have.

38.      Quick Change Artist Game

·        Pair off into partners facing each other. Each player is to observe his or her partner's appearance. Then the players turn around back-to-back and make two or more changes in their dress, hair accessories, etc.

·        When they face each other again, each partner must identify the changes made by his or her partner. This game can be repeated several times by changing partners and increasing the number of changes  made.

 39.      The Quiet Game

·        The instructor explains that this exercise will take self control. Members pair back to back. On the count of three, everyone must face their partner, look each other in the eyes, and then try to remain solemn and serious.

·         No speaking! The first to smile or laugh must sit down. All who remain standing then take a new partner and the activity continues until only one person has not smiled or laughed.

·        (Second round of playing can involve two teams competing to outlast each other.) If you get a pair at the end who are both keeping a straight face, the rest of the group can act ask hecklers to disrupt them.

40.      Sunshine Cards Game

·        Everyone writes their name in the center of a piece of paper and draws a sun around their name. Pass your paper around to the person on your right.

·        That person will write something positive about you and they do not have to sign their name. Continue to pass your name around until  everyone has written something on all the papers.


Finish the Sentence Game

·        Write the start of a question on the board (i.e. My Favorite job was...,My Hobby is..) and go around the room with each person finishing the sentence. When the group is finished, post another question and start again.

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