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A new academic year of international scope and excellence

publication date: Sep 22, 2011
author/source: HospitalityEducators.com Resources,
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A new academic year of international scope and excellence


Lausanne, 22 September 2011 – The Bachelor and Diploma academic study programs of Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) re-opened on Tuesday 20 September.  The Diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management programme has 61 new students and offers a curriculum based on entrepreneurship and close to market reality. The Bachelor programme has 386 new students and educates the future executives of the hospitality sector. Given its determination to train the future leaders of the hospitality sector future, EHL rigorously selects its students and constantly adjusts the content of its programmes in line with new technologies and market trends.  


471 new students have just joined the “Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management” programme, and 61 students have joined the “Diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management” programme. All went through a rigorous admission process.


After the candidate’s application has been examined, and if it meets the admission criteria, the potential student spends a Selection Day on campus. The day comprises a number of stages, including three computer-based assessments (logic, quantitative, aptitude for the hospitality professions), a role-playing game and a 45-minute interview. This process enables better identification of the academic abilities, and motives for choosing EHL and the hospitality professions, of each candidate.


The students selected receive a study offer from EHL. It is accepted in about 85% of cases, demonstrating that EHL is very much the first choice of candidates seeking a university-level hospitality sector education.


For the new academic year 2011-12 in fact, EHL received over 1600 applications for its programs as a whole, whereas 532 students have finally arrived to fill the EHL lecture theatres and classrooms. As always at EHL, the group has real cultural diversity with over 80 nationalities (Switzerland still most represented, with 50% of the students holding a Swiss passport). 50% are enrolled in the English language section and 50% wish to take their courses in French.


Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management

Bachelor programme students – future hospitality sector executives - take a modular curriculum lasting three years (plus a practical foundation year). The BSc has guaranteed international recognition for any student wishing to pursue his/her academic studies by taking a Master.


The market today requires new tools and new skills to enable managers to take decisions quickly. The Bachelor of Science curriculum is therefore based on the integration of the various disciplines that make up the hospitality sector. The programme establishes links between all the subjects studied, grouping them into modules or projects, and thus enabling an understanding of the way in which each aspect of a service company is intimately connected with all the others. The programme also develops the leadership potential of the students by putting them into real situations in which they have to learn how to work with other people on group projects, consultancy work, event organization,…


Diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management

This two-year programme alternates two semesters of theoretical coursework with two semesters of practical work. With a more operational focus than the Bachelor programme, its purpose is to develop the entrepreneurial capabilities of the students and put them directly in touch with market realities by training them in the setting up of a hospitality sector SME (hotel or restaurant). 


This programme is intended for holders of post-apprenticeship or post-baccalaureat diplomas who are looking for a condensed academic programme that will help them to advance rapidly to supervisor or junior executive level in their career.




2011-12 session statistics :


·          1800 students

·          Enrolled in the International Hospitality Management programme: 1610 students, in the Hotel and Restaurant Management programme: 169 students and in the MHA in Hospitality Administration programme: 30 students.

·          50% in the French language section and 50% in the English language section

·          57% women and 43% men

·          Main countries/regions represented : Switzerland, France, Germany, Rest of Europe, Central Asia and Pacific Rim, North America, Central and South America, Africa, Middle-East

·          Total of 83 nationalities among the students attending this session.

·          360 members of staff, including lecturers and instructors

·          33 nationalities among the members of staff






Notes for Editors :


Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) offers a university education to students with both talent and ambition, who wish to access leading-edge careers in the hospitality professions at international level. With its emphasis on training the future high achievers of hospitality management, EHL regularly adjusts the content of its three programmes in line with new technologies and market trends. Since its foundation in 1893, Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne has educated over 25,000 hospitality executives, representing today a valuable network of contacts for all the members of the EHL community. 1,800 students from over 80 nations currently enjoy the unique study and living environment of Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne.





For additional information, please contact:


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Director of Communications

Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne

Tel 021 785 13 63 – E-mail : Anouck.weiss@ehl.ch


Annick Barbezat-Perrin

Communication Manager

Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne

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