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Secrets to Social Media

publication date: Dec 26, 2011
author/source: Greg Paul
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7 Secrets to Social Media –

Dynamic Business Mentors

by dynamicbusinessmentors

7 Secrets to Social Media.

Over the last couple of years I have read a lot about social media including tips and advice from many people as the subject has advanced at a rapid rate.

Some of the things that I have read have been great some have been a complete load of rubbish and a complete waste of time.

Over the time I have managed to build a following of my blogs and create some good results for myself and my clients.  In this blog I’d like to give you some tips as to what I have found to be true and what have been the most helpful things that I have done:

1)      Start by knowing what you are trying to achieve from social media. 

Know who your customers are, what your products are, and what results you are trying to achieve from your social media overall. I have found social media works best when it is part of a more complete sales and marketing strategy and not an attempt to replace your business altogether and simply give you a way of making a lot of money without doing much work.

2)      Social media is a way of connecting and not a marketing tool.

One of the easiest ways to smell like rotten eggs is to post your marketing and promotional items on social media sites such as facebook, Linked In and twitter when they are not posted as adds.  It is important to realise that public relations “PR” and promotion are actually two different things.  If done well PR gives people an impression about what you do and what you present.  Give people something that they can read or watch and invite them to connect with you and go from there.  Offer them marketing material after you have been invited to and the person wants to know more about what you do.

3)      Look at how the social media can indirectly help as well as the obvious contacts.

For example having a lot of blogs that people read and social media presence is going to get listed by Google and may improve your search rankings and save you paying a lot of money for Adwords.  Getting a lot of people connected via social media allows you to invite them to receive your newsletter or send them invitations to events.

4)      Don’t be too precious about what you post.

Some people think that posting a video on you tube for example needs a professionally filmed video to present their business.  If you visit you tube you will find some of the most watched videos were done on a computer video camera.  Just have fun and go for it.

5)      Don’t post things you wouldn’t want someone else to read.

Go ahead and post but just remember that social media is a worldwide phenomena.  I have heard people get upset about employers reading things that they have written in the past.  If you don’t want someone to read about what you did last night or what your partner did, don’t post it on the internet.

6)      Create a strategy and make sure you are doing that.

I have heard people say that they get stuck on facebook or Linked In for hours each day.  Work out your social media strategy and do those actions each day or week.  Only get on and play if that is what you want to do.  Every business I have created a social media strategy for it has been differently but I always ran that strategy and saw it work.


This is the most important one.  Always tell the truth and deliver what you promise people that you will.


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Best Wishes

Greg Paul


Dynamic Business Mentors

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