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Key Issues of Concern in the Lodging Industry: What Worries Managers

publication date: Mar 26, 2012
author/source: Cornell Center for Hospitality Research
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Faculty & Research

Key Issues of Concern in the Lodging Industry: What Worries Managers

By: Cathy A. Enz Ph.D.


Executive Summary:

Human resources management is the most troubling issue of concern to managers and executives in the lodging industry worldwide, according to a survey of 243 managers taken during 2008. The study identified a common set of shared problems that impede the ability of industry leaders to manage effectively, with human resources issues being at the forefront. Over 60 percent of respondents from six different regions of the world in both general manager and executive positions reported that the human resource issues of attraction, retention, training, and morale were key areas of concern. Other problems include economic and environmental matters, understanding customer needs, rising operating costs, and thinking strategically in a competitive environment. The study provides an update to a similar study conducted in 2001. Certain issues identified in that earlier study, including information technology and branding, have dropped from hotel executives’ list of concerns.

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