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Security Awareness Reminder

publication date: Dec 2, 2011
author/source: Philip Farina, CPP, Farina and Associates, Ltd.
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Security Awareness Reminder

On May 1st 2011, President Obama announced the capture and death of Osama Bin Laden. Due to these events our status has increased to situational awareness. The alert is not unique to the hotel and resort areas and the increase in awareness is a precaution taken by tourist venues all across the world.

In light of recent world events that can impact tourism, I am referring the "No Reservations: Suspicious Behavior in Hotels" video put out by DHLS. This is a good opportunity to share this video with all of your associates. The lodging video is less than 10 minutes long and is shown in English and Spanish.

Click on the link below and then click on "Lodging Subsector" There are also several other videos you may be interested in. Thank you!

www.dhs.gov/cfsector -It is both streaming and a downloadable video.

Be Safe!

Commercial Facilities Sector Training and Resources

Commercial Facilities Image The Office of Infrastructure Protection's Sector-Specific Agency Executive Management Office (SSA EMO) coordinates preparedness and infrastructure protection for a wide range of facilities, from commercial buildings to stadiums, theme parks, and shopping centers. Extremely diverse, the Commercial Facilities Sector has eight major components: Entertainment and Media, Gaming, Lodging, Outdoor Events, Public Assembly, Real Estate, Retail, and Sports Leagues.

In order to increase security and enhance resilience across the Sector, the SSA EMO has developed a series of tools, several of which are presented below, so owners and operators can strike an appropriate balance between open public access and security.

Sector Training Courses Soft Target Awareness Course (STAC)

This course is designed to enhance individual and organizational awareness on terrorism and help facilitate information sharing. Commercial infrastructure facility managers, supervisors, operators, and security staff learn to be proactive and better understand their roles in deterring, detecting, and defending their facilities from terrorism.

Protective Measures Course (PMC)

This course is designed to enhance commercial sector individual and organizational awareness on how to devalue, detect, deter, and defend facilities from terrorism, providing the knowledge and skills necessary in understanding common vulnerabilities and employing effective protective measures. The PMC can be tailored to meet the needs of executive-level and employee-level personnel and include lessons learned and industry best practices in mitigating terrorists' attacks. It serves as a follow-up to the STAC, focusing more on implementation than awareness.

Surveillance Detection Training for Commercial Infrastructure Operators and Security Staff Course (SD CIKR)
This course explains how protective measures can be applied to detect and deter potential threats to CIKR, as well as the fundamentals for detecting surveillance activity. Skills discussed include vulnerability and red zone analysis, surveillance detection, and observation and reporting during practical exercises.

For more information, please contact CFSteam@dhs.gov.

Lodging Subsector

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