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Lessons Front CoverHospitalityEducators.com has become the #1 independent website for hotel owners and managers, with more than 2000 resources available to members.

An autographed copy from one of the co-authors is included at NO ADDITIONAL COST with every annual membership, while supplies last.

Backyard selling continues to be the best approach for hotels. This text presents basic techniques and strategies that still get great results. I personally give each new Ayres sales person a copy, and insist they read every page. The smart ones read it more than once, and refer to it regularly. I highly recommend this book for training hotel sales people.

There is no better.         Jim Roos, President, Ayres Hotels

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Table of Contents

Common Sense Thoughts On The Fundamentals

Chapter  1          Identifying Your Customers
Chapter  2          The Many Ways to Reach and Influence  Customers

Chapter  3          The Difference Between Marketing and Sales
Chapter  4          The Value of Outside Resources

Common Sense Thoughts on the Tools Available to You
Chapter  5          10 Most Important Characteristics of a Sales Professional 

Chapter  6          Knowing Where Your Business Originates
Chapter  7          Finding Business Leads Can Be Easier Than You Think
Chapter  8          Keeping the Business You Have
Chapter  9          Some Careful Digging Will Help Uncover Lots of Profit
Chapter 10         Building New Business
Chapter 11         Recognizing the Value of the " Small Meetings" Markets

Common Sense Thoughts on Strategies to Make You Successful in Hotel Sales
Chapter 12         Understanding the Role of Sales

Chapter 13         New Year's Resolutions
Chapter 14         Everyone Should Know What the Sales Department Does
Chapter 15         Smaller Properties Have a Distinct Need for a Sales and Marketing Plan
Chapter 16         Marketing Plans Cannot Sit on Shelves
Chapter 17         Using Your Business Card as an Effective Sales Tool
Chapter 18         The Power of Breakfast

Common Sense Thoughts on Making Your Sales Efforts Work
Chapter 19         Sales Leadership Techniques ... "ing" is actually a verb

Chapter 20         Sales Leadership Techniques ... "ing" is actually a verb (Part 2)
Chapter 21         Employing This Proven Formula Should Give Boost to Sales Activity
Chapter 22         A Blueprint for Bigger Payoffs From Your Sales Efforts
Chapter 23         "It's a Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood":  Hometown Business
Chapter 24         Who Would Like to Have an Additional 10 Sales People at Virtually No Cost?
Chapter 25         Extending Your Sales Team or Make Travel Agents Part of Your Sales Programs
Chapter 26         Front Line Sales People
Chapter 27         Trade Shows Can Be Invaluable If ...
Chapter 28         Sales Blitzes:  A Look At the Benefits of Team Efforts
Chapter 29         The Student Blitz:  A Not So New Technique For Building Sales
Chapter 30         Principles of Profitability:  Points to Ponder
Chapter 31         It Should Take Two to Say NO
Chapter 32         Act As If You Are Number Two

Common Sense Thoughts on Communication
Chapter 33        Enthusiastic Attitude Will Pay Off for Hotel Salespeople

Chapter 34        There Should Be No Such Thing As "Limited Service"
Chapter 35         Sales Income Often Depends On Incoming Phone Calls
Chapter 36         Listen Carefully
Chapter 37         Letter Writing Hints
Chapter 38         Solving the Problem of Finding Problem Solvers
Chapter 39         Understanding Body Language
Chapter 40         Lobby Lizard

Common Sense Thoughts on Perspective
Chapter 41         A Self-Evaluation Test for General Managers

Chapter 42         Matching Benefits to Features
Chapter 43         The Use of Incentives Can Boost Revenues in Off-Peak Periods
Chapter 44         Understanding the Basics of Market Segments

Common Sense Thoughts on the Inner Workings of a Successful Hotel Sales Effort
Chapter 45         Using the Sales Staff Effectively or The Sales Staff Must Have Time to Sell

Chapter 46         The Importance of Job Descriptions
Chapter 47         Possible Sources and Methods of Recruiting Qualified Individuals
Chapter 48         Factors for Successful Interviewing
Chapter 49         Sample Interview Questions
Chapter 50         Office Space

Closing Thoughts
The Single Most Effective Sales Tool There Has Ever Been
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