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Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide services designed to help individual hotel owners, hoteliers and groups of hotels improve their market penetration, deliver service excellence and increase their profitability.

Welcome to HospitalityEducators.com, with readers from 50+ countries in all six continents.  

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Why HospitalityEducators.com is different

The academic and corporate hospitality educators on this site are professionals committed to sharing knowledge and best practices that blend real world experienceand the latest in educational approaches. 

Proven strategies and tactics to help your hospitality business reach its potential.


Keys to Success: results-driven programs to build your competitive advantage.   

Most programs can be offered as either a keynote address or an interactive workshop.

  1. It’s the Size of Your Idea,  Not the Size of Your Budget
  2. 15 Timeless Philosophies in Leadership and Hospitality
  3. Becoming a Class of OneWhere is Your Desk? 
  4. THE Service Code
  5. From the Chalkboard to the Front Line –  What They Don’t Teach You at Hotel School  
  6. Understanding Brands  Maximizing the Equity in All of Your Hospitality Brands
  7. Russell Rules – Teams Win 
  8. Pilgrims to Pioneers

Dr. John Hogan, CHE CHA CMHS CHO    
Keynote Speaker, Educator, Hotelier, Autho

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