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Management by Objective : one-page sample

publication date: Nov 3, 2011
author/source: HospitalityEducators.com Resources
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For many of us who have worked in large hospitality organizations, working with management by objectives was a fairly regular business activity. In my career as a former manager with corporate chains,  as a consultant working with independent hotels and management groups and the Director of Education in the corporate office of a very large organization, I used planning and measurement tools to coordinate staff efforts in strategic planning.  This is a sample one page form

For those of us who have used a variation of these management by objective programs, our individual comfort level or success very likely depended on the way objectives were addressed:

  1. were the objectives understandable and uncomplicated?

  2. did the objectives focus on things that were important?

  3. were the objectives really created by those who actually had to live up to them?

  4. was the process a vibrant and “alive “ agreement?


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