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50 Totally Random Social Networking Tips

publication date: Jul 25, 2016
author/source: Paul Castain

I thought it might be fun to put together a collection of some of my best social networking tips for you.

While the title indicates that there are 50, there are actually lots more once you visit the additional content contained in the links.

You’ll be happy to know that once you finish with today’s post, there’s a free E-Book waiting for you with all of these tips just waiting for you to own them!


50 Totally Random Social Networking Tips

by Paul Castain 


1)    Before we dive head first into the social networking pool, I would suggest that you invest some time on this free podcast: The Personal Branding Checkup.

2)    Make sure all your networking efforts pass the six judgments. How you look, how you act, what you say, how you say it, where you say it, with whom you say it. Bonus points if you are congruent across all of the judgments brochocho!

3)    Broadcasting link after link = lame! Interacting, engaging and responding, now that’s “social”!

4)    What you label as “play by play” might be opportunities to connect in disguise! Don’t ever forget that!

5)    Want to get Retweeted? Then be sure to leave 20-25 characters open so there’s room.

6)    Looking for stuff to tweet? Consider http://stufftotweet.com/

7)    Linkedin Status Updates: Remember . . . everyone has a story and wants to be heard so take time to comment and acknowledge people in your network. What’s everyone’s favorite subject again?

8)    The surest way to your rock stardom is to make others look like rock stars. Always ask yourself how you can make others look good!

9)    Twitter: This is silly but totally worth a mention. Remember to say “thank you” publicly and with a DM. Always encourage behavior that you’d love to see more of.

10) Diversify your tweets. I see this with people who only tweet links or only tweet quotes. A little variety never hurts!

11) Here are several suggestions on how you can Cross Pollinate Your Social Networking!

12)  Facebook has a feature where they will email you all your “friends” Birthdays coming up in the next week. Who the heck doesn’t like to feel special on their Birthday?

13) Know when its time to “Get A Room” on Twitter (and I’m guilty of this one) This happens when you get into this lengthy dialogue with someone and are completely clueless that you are clogging your follower’s Twitter stream.

14) Understand that virtual relationships should be transitioned to real time. Here’s how http://yoursalesplaybook.com/how-to-transition-your-linkedin-relationships/

15) Want to search for specific topics on Twitter? Check this out http://search.twitter.com

16) Be sure to include searches of Facebook, Twitter and even blogs in your meticulous pre call planning by doing a search on http://socialmention.com

17) Don’t do the “Linkedin Two Step” This is when you accept someone’s invite and they immediate launch into a sales pitch. Not bueno! Think courtship not singles bar.

18)  Be mindful of rapid fire tweeting. This is when you fire out several tweets within seconds. Give those other tweets a chance to breathe dude!

19)  Be careful overdoing  duplication of content across the various social networking platforms. Example: Posting your blog link on your Facebook Fan Page at the same time as your personal Facebook account, Linkedin and Twitter. Mix up your material or you might just bore your audience on several fronts.

20)  Your Linkedin status update: Mix it up a bit. Consider posting a useful link, a quote, a thought and things that demonstrate your personality in a tasteful way. Continual play by play is also filed under “Not Bueno”!

21)  Do a link audit on your profile: I can’t tell you how many times I click on a link on someone’s profile only to see that they have been inactive on the other site (and even their blog) for several months. Bad first impression dude!

22)  I’ll preface this one with “here we go again” If you don’t have the time to write an actual invite on Linkedin and you feel you must use the template . . . then you really don’t have time to connect.

23)  Want to be more valuable to your network? Assume the role of “matchmaker” and put people together who need to know each other.

24)  Before you decide to keep Facebook for only close, personal friends, ask yourself if there’s a way to show more of your “business casual” side without feeling like you let a stranger into your house. Remember: We tend to hang out with those we are closest with in numerous places. Its no different in social networking!

25)  File this one under “Duh” . . . turn off all your social networking alerts when you are trying to get things done. Way too easy to get distracted!

26)  Consider preloading a few tweets with an application like Tweetdeck. I’m not suggesting you go into a full fledged “auto tweet” extravaganza.  Its just a great way to free up some of your time. Note: Just make sure that you circle back to interact.

27)  If the thought of using some preloaded tweets makes you uneasy, how about creating some of your tweets the night before and pasting them into a word doc or Yahoo Notes? Saves mucho time the next day and it allows you time to think things out.

28) Always Think Before You Post!

29)  It doesn’t matter that you don’t “get” Facebook, or understand what all the fuss about Twitter is etc. What matters is that you engage your audience where they want to engage you!

30)  Recipe for looking like a flake on Linkedin . . . ask someone you don’t know and have never worked with for a recommendation. And yes, it really happens folks!

31)  Anyone who doesn’t have a Listening Station set up to maximize their efforts, kindly report to the principal’s office J

32)  Beware of Your Followers to Follow Ratio: On one hand it doesn’t position you as overly “social” if you have 600 followers and only follow back 75. On the other hand, following 600 people and having only 75 follows might make you look a tad hard up. Balance my friend!

33)  Want some more cool stuff to tweet? How about some cool motivational quotes from http://en.thinkexist.com/ orhttp://www.brainyquote.com/

34)  You can pull your Facebook stats with Status Statistics and even search older status updates if you are feeling rather nostalgic.

35)  Here’s how you facilitate a Linkedin discussion!

36)  Status Update Reality Check: Just for the heck of it, take a look at your status updates. If there is a preponderance of “Me” centered updates, you might be boring the hell out of lots of people.

37)  Want to improve your “Googleability”? Then by all means make your profile public by clicking here http://www.linkedin.com/myprofile?editwp= By the way, you Google potential clients, don’t you? Think they Google you? This will give you at least one good result that comes back.

38)  Don’t ever begin the week without approaching 5 people from your virtual network and suggesting a “getting to know you” phone call in real time!

39) Did you know that (according to a study published by Epsilon) emails sent through social networks have a 24% higher open rate than traditional email?

40)Do you think its more powerful when you promote yourself or when you have people who dig you so much they do it for you. Ponder that one sista!

41)   Linkedin: Let people get inside your head by using the applications such as amazon bookshelf, slideshare and links to your blog! Bonus points if you if you make it a point to check those things out on your connection’s profile.

42)  Brew a pot of your favorite coffee and check out this way cool podcast on How To Strengthen Your Social Network No time for that? OK, Plan B, download this podcast on I-Tunes and take it to go!

43)  Here’s another way you can cross pollinate your social networking. Whenever you accept an invite on Linkedin, respond with a personal email and then cut and paste your additional contact information such as Facebook, Twitter, your blog etc.

44)  But wait, there’s more . . . You can take that same email with all your additional contact information and send it to everyone in your network!

45)  File this one under common sense but . . . stay away from getting overly political, religious or controversial in your networking efforts. In other words SPARE ME J

46)  Everyday on Facebook, someone in your network has changed their profile pic, added new pics, has a birthday, or has mentioned something that is important to them in some way. Just a reminder for you to notice, then let them know you noticed!

47)  Understand the “Patience/Urgency” thing in Social Networking: You need the patience to understand that this is indeed a “courtship” and takes time. At the same time, you need to have the urgency, to work at your relationships regularly!

48)  Try asking a thought provoking question in your status update. Oh and then make sure you stick around for the discussion!

49)  Consider using a timer for your social networking activities. Otherwise, its too easy to get sidetracked.

50)  Give to your network, upfront and without a scorecard. Karma is so cool when its of the good variety!

Now here’s that Free E-Book with all the Social Networking tips!

Paul Castain is the Vice President of Jedi Mastery for Castain Training Systems where he works with organizations and individuals to achieve higher levels of performance

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