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Three Keys to Increase Group Business - Part 1

publication date: Jul 9, 2012
author/source: Sherry Cummins

Open the door to more group business!

Mention ducks parading from a lovely, marble fountain through the lobby of a luxury hotel to their penthouse accommodations and chances are your listeners will know the name of their renowned home before you finish. Talk about the AT&T National Pro-Am and your listeners will be transported to an entire campus of resorts with lush greens, spectacular views and unparalleled serene experiences.

These stories represent the instant connection you can achieve by developing and telling your brand's story. With a story connection, there is a depth of life beyond the surface knowledge that evokes emotion. Well-marketed stories like those here result in a client loyalty that enhances the excellent meeting accommodations and services you provide. Every property has a story to tell. What's your story and how can you market it to put you on a path that will increase hotel group business? Use the three keys below as a starting point for pulling your story together into a hotel marketing strategy that engages and retains hotel group business.


Telling Your Story Part I:

Three Keys to Increase Group Business

Key #1: The Past

Taking a tip from boutiques and bed & breakfasts, include your history in your brand's story. One of the most engaging and attractive aspects of your story is how you arrived where you are today. Who had the vision? Who dug the dirt and laid the foundation? What are your humble or magnificent beginnings? Use the written record as a beginning but talk to the people who were there to get the colorful tales that will bring your story to life with warmth and meaning.

Key # 2: The Present

Every day there are people who cross your portal, stay as your guests and have fascinating experiences at your resort. What are those experiences? Don't lose the opportunity to capture those stories. Create a vehicle that is visual on your property and on your website for collecting client stories. You have remarkable employees too! Your employees are creating remarkable experiences for the guests every day.  Use them to tell your story. Provide employees an incentive to share their stories with you. What story is happening today at your property that represents your brand? These are the gems that make your story current.

Key #3: The Future

What story does your future hold?  Where will you be tomorrow, next month, next year, ten years from now? Tell the story of where you would like to be and how you are going to get there, building on the past and the present. Share this excitement in your brand story.

Dan Stiff's article, "Speaking Your Language, Telling Your Brand Story", confirms that by articulating your brand through story, you engage the customer and differentiate your property from the competition. When weaving your story into the tapestry that represents your brand, weave the endearing beginnings of your hotel's past with the shining gems of today to bring a depth and inspirational life to your brand! Garner excitement for what is to come by tying your story together with plans for your journey to the future. Your story is the memorable connection that sparks interest in prospects and creates loyalty with clients. These are the keys to telling the story of your resort and how you can unlock more group business.

Look for Telling Your Story Part 2-Your Brand's Story and Content Marketing for tips on how and where to tell your story for greatest impact!

Tell your brand's story to the world and land on Cvent's Top 100 Hotels list!

Monday, July 2, 2012 by Sherry Cummins

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