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Three Tips for Choosing a Green Commercial Cleaning Service

publication date: Nov 16, 2012
author/source: Brianna Davis

Going green is a hot topic these days. Both businesses and consumers are tuning into the benefits of eco-friendly products, services and practices. This also applies to commercial cleaning services.

In the hospitality industry, cleanliness has always been an essential component to customer satisfaction. And green cleaning, in particular, is gaining momentum in the realm of both customer and employee satisfaction for a number of reasons:

  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Reduces exposure to toxic chemicals
  • Reduces chemical cleaning products needed
  • Promotes a healthier environment
  • Reduces injuries to staff and Worker’s Compensation Claims
  • Improves training programs by stressing safety

Open Communication about Products and Practices
When a commercial cleaning service decides to go green, they’re committing to more than just green cleaning products – they’re committing to health-conscious and eco-friendly practices. Your commercial cleaning service provider should be transparent and open to communicating about the cleaning products they use and the type of training their employees receive. In most cased, both products and practices should be custom-tailed to meet the needs of your facility.

You Get What You Pay For
There are plenty of fly-by-the-night commercial cleaning services that might be cheaper, but they’re usually more trouble in the long run, and less likely to be honest. A bottom line price usually signifies less experience and subpar service. Always look for solid experience, high-quality products and a long list of positive client references. A reputable green commercial cleaning company will always be licensed, insured and bonded.

Ensure Good Hiring Practices
When you hire a green commercial cleaning service (or any commercial cleaning service for that matter), you don’t get to choose the staff, so it’s beneficial to look into their hiring practices. Assess whether they have the level of professionalism you expect. You should have access to a background screening and drug testing service that can provide you with regular status reports.


Three Tips for Choosing a Green Commercial Cleaning Service

This is a guest post by Briana Davis on behalf of National Purity, an industry leading chemical manufacturing company selling environmentally friendly bulk cleaning supplies. She writes about the industry on the National Purity Blog.

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