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Hospitality Conversations™ : Looking Ahead at Diversity in Hospitality

publication date: Oct 13, 2014
author/source: HospitalityEducators.com Resources

By Kathleen Hogan, MBA CHO and Dr. John Hogan, CHA CMHS CHE CHO

"The underlying attitude of management reveals itself in the manner with which they conduct business. The team players discern the difference between what is said and what is done, and as a child follows the example of a parent's actions, so does the team function in accordance with the example set by senior management." Kathleen Hogan, MBA CHO in MIND YOUR MANNERS

We are delighted to share this Hospitality Conversations™ with Greg DeShields, CHE CHO, who became the Executive Director of PHLDiversity Multicultural Affairs Congress in Philadelphia, Pa. in the spring of 2014.

We first interacted with Greg four years ago, when he responded to an article we wrote about Sales Blitzes using university students. Greg responded with several success stories he had with students as an adjunct professor at Temple University, which we passed on in a 2nd article on sales campaign successes. Soon after, we connected on LinkedIn and when HospitalityEducators.com was awarded a national contract to conduct certification training for a national association, Greg became a member of our faculty.

Greg had a solid career in hotel management with several national hotel companies and served Temple University in a number of roles from 2001 to earlier this year. He was Managing Director Business Development, Fox School of Business & School of Tourism and Hospitality Management and Senior Director of Corporate Relations @ the Temple School of Tourism and Hospitality Management, as well as teaching a course each year.

Both of us had interests in supporting Cultural Diversity in Hospitality, so we wanted to hear Greg's assessment of where he thinks Diversity in Hospitality is headed in relation to his new appointment.

Hogans: Why is PHLDiversity part of the Convention Bureau?

Greg: The role of the Philadelphia Convention Bureau (PHLCVB) is to not only serve as the global tourism agency for the City of Philadelphia, but to serve as the marketing and sales arm for the Pennsylvania Convention Center. As the PHLCVB works to drive business to the city via major meetings and conventions, PHLDiversity increases Philadelphia's share of the Diverse meetings and Conventions.

The goal is to maximize opportunities for the region by promoting Philadelphia as a diverse visitor destination, encouraging diverse business and social responsibility that contributes to and benefits from the varying diverse communities

Hogans: How do you manage to keep the 40 members of your Advisory Board engaged?

Greg: We keep the Advisory Board focused on their role to support our Strategic Plan and the priorities of PHLCVB stakeholders. For example, more group business at hotels creates and expands the economic impact of Diverse meeting and convention ( and therefore, job growth) for the City of Philadelphia.

Hogans: Name two things PHLDiversity has accomplished in last 3 years?

Greg : 2012 -2013 Diverse meetings hosted in the City of Philadelphia totaled $33.6 million in economic impact 2013. What's more, in 2014, development of the PHLDiversity Strategic Plan has yielded $25 Million in Economic Impact (to-date) with diverse meetings, including the Asian American Hotel Owners Association's 25th Anniversary and Annual Convention.

Hogans: Name two goals for PHLDiversity

Greg: 1. Expanding Philadelphia's share of diverse meetings and conventions, and

2. Further defining Philadelphia as the premiere location for diverse meetings and conventions.

Hogans: You were enjoying your 10+ year tenure as Managing Director Business Development at the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management at Temple University. What made you interested in this challenge?

Greg: As a true practitioner of the Hospitality Industry, I longed to return to the industry in a capacity in which I felt I could make a difference and enhance/contribute to Philadelphia's hospitality community.

Hogans: Where and how do you see diversity as an important part of the workplace in the next 5 years?

Greg: As communities across the U.S. continue to become more diverse, there will be a new normal that will reflect more of the aspects of the workplace such as: Immigration Reform, Growth of the Hispanic population, LGBT Same Sex Marriage and Transgendered rights.

Hogans: You have an upcoming event soon - "The Business of Diversity in Meetings and Conventions" What does it celebrate and communicate?

Greg: The PHLDiversity Annual Luncheon is the largest and only comprehensive gathering of diverse hospitality professionals in the city that is dedicated to increasing Philadelphia's recognition as a top diverse meeting and convention city. We also use this event to celebrate individual industry and community leaders for their accomplishments in support of our mission.

About Kathleen Hogan MBA CHO and Dr. John Hogan CHA CMHS CHE CHO

Kathleen Hogan MBA CHO and Dr. John Hogan CHA CMHS CHE CHO are the co-founders of HospitalityEducators.com, which was created in 2010 to be a resource for hotel owners and professionals as they sought to improve market share, occupancy, operational efficiency and profitability. The husband and wife team are transitioning the original membership site concept and evolving the business model today to a focused resource offering consulting, training, and individualized support to both hospitality and other service businesses. Services include keynote addresses workshops, online support, metrics measurement, marketing and customer service from a group of more than a dozen experienced professionals. While continuing to serve hospitality, the demand for these types of services is growing and can be personalized.

John Hogan is also the principal of HoganHospitality.com, which provides a range of expert professional services for hotel owners, including professional development for organizations, training, consulting and expert witness services.

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