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Javier Tomé joins HOSPITALITYEDUCATORS.com as Guest Columnist

publication date: Dec 10, 2010
author/source: Kathleen Hogan, MBA Publisher and Co-Founder, HospitalityEducators,com
Javier Tomé is President and HR Solutions Director at People & Organizations for Business (POB Consulting). A Systems Engineer from Universidad Metropolitana of Venezuela, Javier started as a software developer, and promoted to Manager Level in a short time because of his drive, proactive thinking style, leadership, and expertise development.  He earned a Master's degree in Management Consulting from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain.

Passionate about food, restaurants, and hospitality, he obtained a Culinary Arts' degree at Le Cordon Bleu Miami, which introduced him to the Hospitality Management Industry. He has worked as a cook, chef and restaurant manager, in both restaurants and hotels. 

Javier has been involved in Business Consulting for the last 10 years, developing knowledge and experience in several fields and industries.   Dedicated to helping business owners and executives develop their businesses to their fullest potential, he works with them through Organizational Modeling, Strategic Focus, and People/Culture best practices.  His stated goals include helping professionals in the industry to become more productive and successful.


Javier Tomé, President/ HR Solutions Director

People & Organizations for Business (POB Consulting)      www.pobconsulting.com

 javier.tome@pobconsulting.com           p: +1 (305) 509-5160

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