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Questions I Wish You Would Ask Me| Javier Tomé, Guest Columist@ HospitalityEducators.com & President, People & Organizations for Business

publication date: Nov 25, 2012
author/source: Javier Tomé, President/ HR Solutions Director People & Organizations for Business

Questions I Wish You Would Ask Me| Javier Tomé, Guest Columist@ HospitalityEducators.com & President, People & Organizations for Business

Posted on July 8, 2011 by John Hogan, HospitalityEducators.com and HoganHospitality.com "Questions I Wish You Would Ask MeTM" includes interviews such as those found in our HOSPITALITY CONVERSATIONS,  and and it also allows industry professional the opportunity to share their perspectives, values and opinions on additional areas and subjects that may not have been part of the planned discussion.  This segment includes a wide range of hospitality professionals from all portions of the industry, with participants answering at least five of the listed nine questions.  Their responses will interest, sometimes amuse and definitely inspire you to consider how YOU might answer.

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Javier is President and HR Solutions Director at People & Organizations for Business (POB Consulting). A Systems Engineer from Universidad Metropolitana of Venezuela, Javier started as a software developer, and promoted to Manager Level in a short time because of his drive, proactive thinking style, leadership, and expertise development.  He earned a Master's degree in Management Consulting from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain.

Passionate about food, restaurants, and hospitality, he obtained a Culinary Arts' degree at Le Cordon Bleu Miami, which introduced him to the Hospitality Management Industry. He has worked as a cook, chef and restaurant manager, in both restaurants and hotels.Javier has been involved in Business Consulting for the last 10 years, developing knowledge and experience in several fields and industries.   Dedicated to helping business owners and executives develop their businesses to their fullest potential, he works with them through Organizational Modeling, Strategic Focus, and People/Culture best practices.  His stated goals include helping professionals in the industry to become more productive and successful.


1. Name your favorite hotel and why it is special to you

  •  My favorite Hotel is actually a Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean. I find the experience of Cruises incredibly satisfactory, because when I take time with my family to rest and enjoy, I really mean it. Cruises make everything for you, the only thing you have to do for yourself is the basic stuff: sleep, eat, walk... I mean, is there anything better.
  •  I love their service. People that work in Cruises is like people from Disney, they really believe in what they do, especially on how to make you feel happy. Of course there are always opportunities to grow and do better, and I know not everybody have had the best experiences, but in my case I have.

2. Name your favorite restaurant and why it is special to you

  •  I have to say that I don´t have a favorite restaurant, but I have many depending on the type of food. And that is because I love to eat.
  •  I am a good cook, so I can make me almost any type of food there is. But I don't have people at home to serve me and treat me like a king. And there are times where I don´t feel like cooking and need the extra attention.
  • When I go out to eat, if the food is in average good, it doesn't need to be of the charts, if it is comforting and the service is outstanding, I will love it. I go out to eat good food, but also to be treated great.

Where do you vacation the most often?

Aruba. We love the resorts there, the people, the nice food, and the beaches even more. Great place to relax.

4. What is your favorite charity or cause?  

There are two types of charities we love to help: Schools and Entrepreneurship, Education and Work. Always putting in front causes that matches our values and believes, where family and society are putted in front, or actually are the ends.

  1. Who was the most important mentor in your life and why?

 I have so many. I have mentors for both my personal and professional life. What I look in a mentor is not only a person that can teach me or make me do things better, but a person that I can share my principles, values and vision of the world, and also learn from their personal and professional experiences in the practical way. Most of them have been teachers, bosses, or work peers.

 7. In the last five years, what has been your most memorable meeting or convention experience and why?

  •  A meeting. Actually a personal and professional development coaching session. In that particular meeting 4 years ago me and my wife decided to change our life.
  •  We decided to stop waiting for the right moment to have kids, and now we have two beautiful little ones.
  •  We also decided to leave Venezuela. We moved to the US and since then we are amazingly happy, and a lot less stressed. We recaptured our life and now have more purpose than ever.

8. What is the one piece of advice you would offer to a graduating student with a hospitality degree?

 Work hard, don't limit yourself to your obligations, always ask for a little more, learn from books as much as from other peoples experiences. Knowledge, experience, and skills development is a 24/7 work.

9. W
hat is the one question do you wish someone would ask you in an interview today?

 Why do you think you will be a top performer in the position and why? (not to let them sell themselves, but to let them explain their understanding of what it takes to be great for the specific job, meaning that they have researched, they are prepared, and understand what has to be done in terms of approach, knowledge, behaviors, attitudes, development, day to day, and growing)

We have asked dozens of people involved in hospitality businesses around the world to answer up to nine questions in this special section of HospitalityEducators.com.  If you would like to participate, please contact   John.Hogan@HospitalityEducators.com 

 Feel free to share an idea for a column at info@hoganhospitality.com anytime or contact me regarding consulting, customized workshops, speaking engagements ... And remember - we all need a regular dose of common sense.

Dr. John Hogan, Crowne Plaza Chicago, MeetingsQuest Oct 2010

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