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Likeability: how to double your sales!

publication date: Oct 4, 2016
author/source: QJ, The Inspirationist Ltd – Relationships Beyond Value

Likeability: how to double your sales!

You want to know what YOU can do TODAY to double your sales, don’t you?

Well, I’m about to dispel a modern misconception about how sales work.

Most people think that getting a sale is down to identifying needs and providing a solution.

Well, I can tell you that THIS IS RUBBISH.

And before you turn off to QJ’s ‘obviously mistaken view’, I need to reassert that I NEVER MAKE THIS STUFF UP!

Everything I share is based on the solid, proven, well-tested for efficacy, SCIENCE.

What that means is this has been researched in controlled test conditions IN THE FIELD, IN REAL LIFE SITUATIONS and the results are unequivocal.

So, wanna know what it’s really all about?

Here goes:

SALES is definitely about solving problems, and the easier you can make it for people to use your solution the better.

But it’s NOT about NEEDS. We need loads of things in our lives, but we won’t spend money on those things UNLESS WE REALLY WANT TO – meaning UNLESS WE REALLY WANT THEM.

The important word is WANT, not NEED.

Remember this at all times and watch the difference this makes to your business.

To illustrate what I mean, let me suggest that virtually no one NEEDS an iPad, but the people who buy one really WANT one.

No one NEEDS that pudding at the end of a meal, but … you can see what I mean!

Now let me confuse you:

Getting what you WANT always SATISFIES a NEED

BUT the problem facing us in business is that there is always more than one way of meeting any need that we have, and people virtually ALWAYS CHOOSE the solution that they LIKE the most – which is the one they WANT.

People want the things they like, which is why:

Likeability is so important in Sales

It’s not just about your customer liking your product; it’s also about your customer liking YOU.

The science I spoke of earlier has proven that when somebody likes you, they will buy twice as often, or buy twice as much, from you. And in many cases, the increase in sales will be even greater.

I’m not going to give you the detail of why this is the case, because all that you want is to be able to go out there and appear more likeable and make it work for you.

So, here are the two easiest strategies to apply if you want more sales TODAY.

1                   We like people who are attractive

This doesn’t mean you have necessarily to be good looking (although that certainly will help), but it does mean you have to dress well, be well-groomed, well-presented, speak well, and be generally courteous and polite. If you’ve ever watch ‘Hustle’, the TV programme about how professional con-artists work, you’ll notice that they always present themselves immaculately in order to make themselves as attractive as possible. This principle has been exploited for generations by people wanting to get other people to cooperate with them. So my question to you is, ‘how well do you focus on looking immaculate?’ ‘Is there any room for improvement and if so, what steps could you take today to look even more attractive?’

2                   We like people who are like us

In a previous article I talked about connection through using precisely the same language as your prospect. What I’m talking about now is this and all the other aspects of personality, speech and behaviour that would make somebody think that you were like them.

What could you do and how could you behave with the people who are your target market that makes them connect strongly with you because they see you as ‘one of them’?

Are you dressing in a similar style? Are you interested in the same things when you talk to them (and these might be subjects outside of work)? Did you go to the same school, or were you brought up in the same area?

Any and all of these factors will affect how likeable you appear to those you want to influence.



This video shows how:

  1. Listening to you

  2. Believing what you say

  3. Taking action as a result of what you say

are the three essential first steps of a sale, and will also add to your understanding and therefore your ability to be liked more and more. Have a look at it and add a comment if you like.


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Have fun with your Business, but most of all, Have fun with your Customers!

QJ (yes, it’s my real name)



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