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10 Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

publication date: Dec 29, 2011
author/source: TopOneSEO

10 Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

Social media has become an integral part of most of our lives. So it is really a fine choice to promote your small business through social media sites. This will really help you in finding more real traffic to your company website. This will also promote your business worldwide. But you ought to remember and pursue the following tips to promote your business.


10 Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

Big numbers first

First and foremost thing to promote a business is proper communication. Join the big communities like youtube, facebook, twitter and linkedin. You can even join product review sites like epinions. This allows the small businesses to converse, get feedback and share information directly with their potential customers. You can further add a link to your blog or website. This helps people to understand better about your services from your own webpage.


Be short and sweet. Don’tboost up yourself all the time. Hear what other people comment on your business. Keep your conversation informal. This would help you to link with more number of customers. Have a photo instead of logo in case of communities like facebook. Post videos about your services. Be sure that your company logo and name appears periodically in the video. If the video is interesting enough, people will tend to share it. This helps you in marketing.

Be accessible

Join hands with your business community. Take part in discussions and debate. Give expert advice. This will pave the way to attract customers.

Participate often

Respond to your followers frequently. Otherwise, they will get bored and eventually they will move out. Active participation will help people understand your involvement with the work.  So try to find time for yourself. You can even engage your employees, as people are more attracted towards original conversation.

Add significance

Speak with a value. Whatever you comment and speak, add a point that promotes your business indirectly. Being authentic is a vital point. This decides the customers to your business.

Plan and work

Always plan your strategy and strictly adhere to it to see best results. Only through planning you can reach your targets.

Bid absolutely

You can draw in more customer attraction by offering rewards through contests in social media sites periodically. This prompts more engagement in your social media profile pages. 

Search engine optimization

Your title, video tags and description should be keyword rich. This will help to rank high position in search results, as search engine optimization, predominantly decides your success rate.


Video voice over should be clear and precise. Quality in the content and your video should speak well about your services. A clear description attracts more customers.

Start expert hiring

In the initial stage, hiring an social media expert for a small business is a must. The experience from those professional will propel your campaign to the next level.

Plan yourself and stick to it. All you will see is success. But the progress of success depends on your dedication and involvement.

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