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Observations on Hotel Safety and Security for Hospitality Brands and Hotel Management Companies by John J. Hogan


There are many issues facing Hospitality Brands and Hotel Management Companies as they expand their operations in global markets.  With the expansion comes increasing pressure to address safety and security issues in both the marketplace and the training classroom.


In preparing a new training series for a major client, one of the primary focus areas included hotel safety and security.   I considered some of the travel safety and security issues the hospitality industry has addressed in the last 10 years:

Avian Bird flu

SARS virus

Theft of key card access data

Evolution of ADA and other Federal government regulations

Hackers who have accessed credit card information of hotel guests

Legal employment of international workers on short term visas

National disasters, including hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, natural and other fires

Terrorism activities in hotels, which have been mostly outside of North America

Employment issues with  immigration hiring concerns relating to documentation in various states

Temper flares in union activity

The rise in Meth labs in certain hotels, especially those with extended stay, apartments or remote rooms

Observations on Hotel Safety and Security for Hospitality Brands and Hotel Management Companies


The high profile of security at the 2012 Olympics reminds us of world travel risks and pursuant changes in security protocols in many locations, cities and hotels.  The recent shooting spree in a public movie theater has already exposed the theater company to a public examination of their “reasonable care” and practices.  What did they know about the proper security of their exterior doors?  What should they have known?


These are familiar questions to those of us in hospitality.


The new training program mentioned above included  topics addressing negligence and recognizing that “reasonable care” is an evolving reality. Other topics offer learning scenarios and stress the need to train  staff to note and report unusual behaviors or out-of-the- ordinary activities.


My research included related subject matter and how they affect us in practical ways.  These areas from a wide range of industry support resources and included:

HotelOnline.com     Guest Who Stayed at Luxor Las Vegas in December Dies of Legionnaires' Disease; MGM Resorts Installing Secondary Water Treatment Systems in All its Hotels to Protect Guest Safety

HospitalityNet.org     Boring Subject, Big Pay-Back: Some Workers Safety and Compensation Tips

 Hotel News Resource    Buying and selling hotels - Hotel purchase agreement essentials - Key labor and employment issues

Hotel Management.Net     Using security cameras to protect your property and guests

Hotel Business.com      HB on the Scene: HITEC Emphasizes Cyber Security for Hotels

4Hoteliers.com    Measuring the Business Interrupted by a Catastrophic Event.   PKF Hospitality Research

EHotelier.com            FBI Tips for Hotels: How to Spot Terrorists and What to Do

Hotel News.com    How to respond to hotel union organizing

Barbara de Lollis @ USA Today    Hotel pool controversy sparks hotel boycott

SpaClique.com   Lessons from the Field A Common Sense Approach to Success in the Hospitality Industry

LodgingHospitality.com      Why Immigration Reform Matters


These and other resources offer some comprehensive observations and approaches that are potentially applicable to various groups involved in hospitality and travel.

My research on these topics also identified an upcoming interactive program that addressed many of these and other topics.  Sponsored in coordination with the Greater Houston Conventions and Visitors Bureau, the Conrad Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management at the University of Houston, the  2012 Global Congress on Travel Risk Management presented by HospitalityLawyer.com is right on target.  Held in a gateway city with more than 90 international consulates and numerous National or Regional Headquarters for both Associations and Corporations, this two day program is a resource of value for Travel Suppliers, Travel Buyers and government support offices.

 Topics to be offered include:

  1. Defining our Global Duty of Care to Mobile Employees
  2. Accommodating People with Disabilities and Prosthetics
  3. Secure Design Integration: Designing from the Beginning with Safety and Security in Mind
  4. Meeting Your Duty of Care in the Lodging Mode: Providing Safe and Secure Lodging for Your Mobile Workforce
  5. Best Practices for Meeting Contracts, Including Safety, Security and Insurance Aspects
  6. Special Considerations for Securing Critical Mass Events and Attractions
  7. What Every Travel Buyer and Supplier Needs to Know About Travel Law
  8. Best Practices in Responding to Travel Disruptions, Including Contagious Diseases and Other Hazards
  9. Immigration Solutions for International Business Travelers
  10. Leveraging Mobile Technology for Traveler Safety and Security Including Tracking and Alerts. What About the Privacy Issues When Tracking Your Employees?

Each of these sessions will be presented by recognized legal, medical, government, and corporate hospitality professionals involved in these and related issues.


This is the 2nd Annual Congress and the agenda appears to be more sophisticated and wider in scope than the 2011 program.  While I did not attend the 1st Congress, I did attend the 2012 10th Annual HospitalityLawyer.com Conference, which had exceptional program content in a medium-sized conference setting, which allowed for networking across channels of attorneys, management company executives, brand representatives, consultants and hotel operators.  I would project the same networking opportunity at the upcoming  Global Congress on Travel Risk Management in early October 2012.


The issue of Safety and Security is prominent as one of many issues facing Hospitality Brands and Hotel Management Companies today.   I trust that a greater awareness of the significance of  this issue will encourage more hoteliers, hotel owners and brands to expand their attention to addressing their training protocols and practices.


 Success does not come by accident or chance. We can help.    



   John Hogan,Certified Hospitality Educator(CHE),

Certified Hotel  Administrator (CHA), Certified Master Hotel Supplier (CMHS)


John Hogan is a successful hospitality executive, educator, author and consultant and is a frequent keynote speaker and seminar leader at many hospitality industry events. He is CEO and Co-Founder of HospitalityEducators.com , which has more than 1600 resource pages and has become the #1 independent website for hotel owners and managers.  He is also the Principal of HoganHospitality.com, which offers hospitality consulting and hotel expert witness services.


Contact us for assistance – John.Hogan@HospitalityEducators.com   602-799-5375   HoganHospitality.comjohn@hoganhospitality.com


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