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publication date: Feb 27, 2020
author/source: HospitalityEducators.com Resources

Cultural Diversity


Cultural Diversity is a major factor in hotel staffing, marketing and positioning in today's global environment.  "Making it Real" means identifying the components of cultural identity and embracing those components to improve the hospitality workplace and the organization.

The Four-Step Approach used in in all assignments is detailed in the Overview of 
Consulting, and includes discussion of perceived problems with the client, preparation of a detailed  SWOT analysis, identification of strengths and recommendations for addressing the challenges. 

Hotel Brands Case Study - This was a different type of 
hospitality consulting assignment in that I accepted the challenge of the CEO of a major international hotel company to expand my duties and accept the role of serving as the equivalent of chief diversity officer for the organization.

I worked on diversity over a four year period, which included interaction with hotel membership advisory councils, national association committees and publications.
  1. A major challenge was immediately identified in the interpretation of the word "diversity".  While some hospitality groups tend to focus the definition on a single term such as race or gender, the real world understanding of the word is much more encompassing.
  2. The SWOT analysis identified the need for meaningful and practical dialogue within the organization to expand everyone's understanding of cultural diversity.  Input from a number of major hotel groups (staff, advisory councils, hotel owners, managers, etc) was included in the process, adding practical applications.
  3. Strengths included:  committed people from the top down who wanted the hotel organization in all areas to embrace rather than shy away from the topic.
  4. Recommendations included:  creating a series of hotel training and educational programs that discussed real world cultural diversity, hotel level best practices forums to share success stories, presentations at national meetings and brand financial support of external training programs highlighting cultural diversity.
Results:  Over a four year period, the hotel organization was recognized by external associations for efforts in improved communications and sensitivities.  Cultural Diversity was visually highlighted on over-sized artwork and canvasses in the main lobbies of the hotel brand headquarters' buildings and the topic was regularly addressed in company publications.  I personally was invited to share the results at several national conferences and was a primary resource in several hospitality industry educational programs and updates.

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