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Medical Lodging - A Niche in hotel positioning

publication date: Feb 15, 2020
author/source: John Hogan CHA CHE CMHS CHO

Medical Lodging

Medical lodging can be an image enhancer, a service, a financially self-supporting hotel profit center, and a marketing advantage for a medical center if properly planned, positioned, managed and supported.  The medical centers of the 21st Century face challenges that differ tremendously from the past. Linking with the services of a properly positioned hotel can help balance the marvels of modern technology with the fiscal responsibility, design and "high touch" needs of their patients and their patient families.

The Four-Step Approach used in in all assignments is detailed in the Overview of Hospitality Consulting, and includes discussion of perceived problems with the client, preparation of a detailed  SWOT analysis, identification of strengths and recommendations for addressing the challenges.
    Hotel and Medical Centers Case Study - A major university had acquired an older hotel, renovated it and retained a national management company to operate the hotel.  Despite the positive location and renovations, the hotel lost market share and reputation over the following two years.
    1. Discussions with the university representatives identified several major challenges, including the age, physical limitations and declining reputation of the hotel facility.  Newer properties had taken major accounts due to service and product issues and the management group was not addressing the issues.
    2. The SWOT analysis identified that both hotel service issues and marketing needed to be totally addressed immediately, while rebuilding university relationships.
    3. Strengths included:  a caring hotel staff that needed positive on-site leadership and the fact that the property held no mortgage.
    4. Recommendations included:  hiring a strong marketing oriented hotel general manager, implementing ongoing hospitality service training, delivering personalized attention to university departments, and marketing new hotel services to attract a rate sensitive but vibrant market in the medical center for families and patients.
    Results:  Hotel guest satisfaction scores improved and market position increased consistently over a twelve month period.  The medical market, while price sensitive, filled a need for both the patients' families and the medical center.  This success continued for several years until the university reassigned the hotel facility and land in their master building plan.

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