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The Secret to Winning Guests From Your B&B’s Website

publication date: Jul 8, 2013
author/source: Brian Casel


What separates a professional web designer from a hobbyist?


How do the pro’s do what they do — design stunning websites that not only look great, but actually convert more visitors into customers, or in the case of Bed and Breakfast websites, more bookings?

Well, the professional web designer takes a very precise approach, based on a very simple concept.

So what’s their secret?

You’ll be delighted to know that this key principal can actually be employed by anyone — not just us professional web designers.

The Secret to Winning Guests From Your B&B’s Website 

That’s why I’m writing this article.  To let you in on the secret to turning more of your B&B website visitors into paying guests.  So here it is:

You must read the minds of your website visitors.

Now, before you accuse me of suggesting the impossible, let me explain…

Professional web designers call this user experience design, or gaining a crystal clear understanding of what your visitor’s motivations, needs and aspirations are, then crafting the website with the specific goal of satisfying those needs.

But in simpler terms, all you really need to do is read the minds of your website visitors.  Tweet this

OK smartypants, how do I read minds?

It’s actually very simple.  Just ask yourself:  “What are 3 specific questions that first-time visitors need answered when they discover my website?”

Believe it or not, when we surf the Internet and discover a new web page, inside our minds we’re continuously asking questions and seeking answers.  Every click leads to a new piece of information, which sparks a new curiosity.

As a Bed and Breakfast owner, you can make a highly educated guess as to what questions your visitors are asking themselves as they browse your website.  You probably receive a few questions again and again when folks call you on the phone or send you email, right?

Here are a few that I’d guess top that list:

  • Where is this B&B located exactly and how far is it from [the most popular local attraction]?
  • What do the rooms, house, and grounds look like?
  • What are the room rates and can I book my stay on these dates?

Remember, the more specific these questions are, the better.  By getting specific, you can really get a clear understanding of their needs.  Ultimately, you’ll be that much more likely to satisfy those needs, and win their business.

Why only 3 questions?  Not 5, not 10?  Good question!

By limiting it to only 3 questions, you’re forcing yourself to prioritize.  Once you figure out what the 3 most common questions lingering inside the minds of your visitors, you’ll have a clear direction to follow as you setup your website.

Us web designers call that “visual hierarchy”, or figuring out which pieces of info or more important than others, then guiding the visitors eye to each of those areas in a specific sequence.  We’ll dive deeper into this idea in a future article.

But today, I just want to introduce you to the idea of reading the minds of your website visitors, then using that to guide your decision making when setting up your website or working with your web designer.

Try it yourself…
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