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8 Ways this Housekeeping Supervisor has Created a Loyal and Super Successful Team

publication date: Jul 25, 2014
author/source: Business Process ExcellencE

Business Process Excellence


8 Ways this Housekeeping Supervisor has Created a Loyal and Super Successful Team

I began with the housekeeping department.  They are an impressive team of ladies that have an incredible work ethic and take great pride in the cleanliness of their rooms. Trip Advisor agrees.

“Clean, Clean, Clean! Did I mention it was clean?”

“Very nice, clean and charming hotel!”

“Great place to stay – clean and new”

Oh, did I mention their low turnover rate? The newest housekeeper has been there one year. That ranges all the way up to 7 years. Additionally, they are a happy group! I met several of them. Given what I already told you about the previous GM, how did that group manage to stay together so long and perform such exemplary service? It had to do with management. Direct line management that is.

Kathy, the housekeeping supervisor, takes complete ownership of her department. Her loyalty is unquestionable. In return, her staff feels the same. Below are pointers on what she does to not only create a world class environment but also to keep the team engaged and enthusiastic.

  1. She protected them from the tyranny of the previous General Manager. Every person I interviewed on that team told me they had very little interaction with her and in fact, had no idea how bad things had gotten. Kathy’s broad shoulders took it all and NEVER passed it on!
  2. She goes to bat for the team every time. If there is a complaint, she takes full responsibility and never publicly calls out an individual.
  3. She is professional and kind when corrective action is needed.
  4. She listens.
  5. Everybody got training on “the way” when they were hired. Consistency is the key word here. She also provides loving direction on a daily basis.
  6. Tips are shared. This is a choice on the part of the housekeepers. They all feel such loyalty toward one another they want to share the small gifts that come their way.
  7. she has a reward system created just for the team. This is so important! A sprinkle of acknowledgement here and a little competitiveness over there makes for a motivated and engaged group.
  8. Everybody stays and pitches in until the last person is finished. A collective decision has been made that no housekeeper is left behind. I really applaud that. So do the housekeepers. I asked!

As you can see, this is a successful department! Low turnover. High motivation. Superior product. What more can you ask?

Next week, I will discuss why I was asked to spend time with them and some of the solutions we came up with.  In the meantime, read my previous blog 8 Ways to Reduce Expenses and Streamline Your Hotel’s Housekeeping and Laundry Departments.

We would love to hear how your housekeeping department has created a winning team. What advice can you offer?


Business Process Excellence partners with hotels and senior living organizations to improve service, increase revenue and decrease expenses by examining your daily operations and making recommendations for improvement.

In fact, I have a dream! A dream of 100% occupancy with a waiting list! I dream of a day when your overhead bills are finally under submission! I dream of a day when the cream of the crop are beating down your door to work with you. I dream of a day when my grandmother and all her sorority friends are clammering to stay with you. I dream of a day when the term “nursing home” and the negative connotation it holds is a thing of the very distant past. And, in fact the new industry image is that of nurturing love with lots of fun sprinkled in!

What tasks do you run into during the course of your week that cause you dread? Is it staff scheduling? Are your energy bills too high? Do you lock your front door when the inspector comes a knocking? Do you feel like you are constantly training the same people to do the same tasks? Those are all areas we can help! Let us serve you doing what we do best so you can do what you do best! Contact us today!

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