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Uplifting Service: Authors@Google

publication date: Jul 14, 2016
author/source: HospitalityEducators.com Resources






Ron Kaufman discusses his New York Times bestselling book Uplifting Service, which offers a proven path to delighting your customers, colleagues, and everyone else you meet. The book exposes a massive wound in a subject area that has become buried in weak distinctions, inadequate practices, and popular but shallow clichés.

Ron is a globally acclaimed service educator, consultant, and thought-leader, with clients on every continent and in every major industry. Ron believes that service connects us all, but most of us are missing key opportunities to win new customers, delight the ones we already have, and make lifelong advocates, fans and supporters. The solution is simpler than you might think, and in this fast-paced presentation, he explains the 5 key elements to build a self-sustaining service culture that can uplift an individuals, transform an organization, and ultimately change the world.

Visit http://www.UpliftingService.com to read more about Ron's book and access free chapters, resources, and tools.

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