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The Simple Truths of Service

publication date: Dec 5, 2016
author/source: Barbara Glanz, CSP and Ken Blanchard
This video tackles the very real problem facing many hospitality associates and businesses today.   Providing "inspired service" that makes a difference can happen every day IF approached the right way.

Enjoy the message and learn ways for you to find ways to deliver that spirit of service
at your hotel or restaurant.        


What's the Problem™?                                                                                                                       Associates who do not care or do not know how to deliver inspired service

  1. Use video training, such as the full version of "Johnny the Bagger" to get people thinking of their own position.
  2. Create small teams and hold discussions on ways that service can be personalized and inspired.
  3. Share those examples and stories with other departments.
  4. If you belong to a brand, share your success stories.  Share your successes with your hospitality association and/or convention and visitors' bureaus.  
  5. The successes will become contagious!
Remember, the example in the true story video demonstrates that anyone in any department has the ability to make a difference and inspire that spirit of service in their associates!

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