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Training Games and Icebreakers #6 -10

publication date: Mar 19, 2014
author/source: Training Games, Inc. and various anonymous sources
  6.       Map Game

  • Hang a large map of the world. Give everyone a pushpin. As they enter, they pin the location of their birth on the map.

  7.       Paper Airplane Game

  •   Everyone makes a paper airplane and writes their name, something they like and dislike on it (You may also want to add additional questions).
  •   On cue, everyone throws their airplane around the room. If you find an airplane, pick it and keep throwing it for 1-2 minutes.
  •  At the end of that time, everyone must have one paper airplane. This is the person they must find and introduce to the group.
   8.        The Shoe Game

  • When entering, everyone must take off one shoe and leave it in a pile at the door. They keep the other shoe on. After everyone is in. The host will distribute the shoes to people not wearing the same shoe.
  •  When instructed, everyone must find the mix and find the person who belongs to the shoe and get some info about them. They then introduce their new friend to the group.

   9.       The Artist Game

  •   Give everyone a piece of paper and a pencil. In 5 minutes, they must draw a picture that conveys who they are with out writing any words or numbers. At the end of 5 minutes, the host collects the pictures.
  •   Show the pictures to the group one at a time and have them try to guess who drew it. After this allow each of the artists to introduce themselves and explain how their work clearly conveys who they are
    10.       Three in Common Game

  •  Break the group into 3's. Their objective is for each group to find three things they have in common: But not normal things like age, sex or hair color. It must be three uncommon things.
  •  After letting the groups converse for 10 - 15 minutes, they (as a group) must tell the rest of the groups the three things they have in common.

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